Cardi B Responds To Petition Calling For Kylie Jenner To Be Edited Out Of Wap Music Video

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s plan worked in putting Kylie Jenner in their Wap music video. Fans are disgusted by Kylie’s cameo in the music video. This alone will boost viewership in the music video. The last check of a petition launched for Kylie for her to be kicked off the “Wap” music video is at 65,000 signatures. Cardi  getting wind of all this as expected made it clear that Kylie is  a stamp in the music video. The boiling  tempers over Kylie in the Wap music video has been steaming for days, but it is this retweet by a Twitter user which may have irked Cardi:

“Normani did ALL this and Kylie walked down the hall and opened a door. If that’s not a perfect visual indication of Black women having to do the most and white women do the bare minimum to get somewhere, I don’t know what is.”

Cardi responded in saying:

Normani is one of the best female artist that dances like she dances her f**kin ass off!”  Why would she open a door? Please tell me how that would make sense? The best part of the song is the beat and hook, it what makes you want to shake your ass.”

The rapper also said:

Why did I put Kylie on my music video? She treated my sister and daughter so lovely at her kid’s bday party.

Cardi also said that Kylie’s baby daddy, Travis Scott and her husband- Offset are close. Along with her receiving some good advice from Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner this made it even more possible in Kylie being in the Wap music video

Still, fans and others are not having it. The upsurge in signatures on a petition for Kylie to be removed from the Wap music video continues to grow.

Cardi is not only dealing with the Kylie criticism…she is fighting against another fight over her Wap video.


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