Cardi B’s Devilish Reaction On Whether She Will Seal The Wounds And Work With Nicki Minaj On Music

rapper cardi b laughing when asked about working with nicki minaj onstage

Cardi B gave a laugh that usually comes from a witch that has placed a spell on her enemies when asked about doing possible work with Nicki Minaj. Cardi B seems to be learning something from her mistakes that downed her stock by keeping the fire on herself at a low.

The rapper laughed like she just released a bag of tricks without saying a word when asked if she would perform with Nicki Minaj onstage. You might remember Cardi, and Nicki Minaj had a fight at one of the biggest fashion shows of the year. Cardi threw her shoes at Nicki Minaj while cussing at her and tried maneuvering her way around security to attack Nicki.

Nicki for her part- seemingly shocked looked like she realized she over-estimated Cardi’s ability to throw down some beating. Cardi accused Nicki of questioning her parenting skills and her child, which she said led to her attacking Nicki. Check out the video below…