Chris Brown And Offset Laugh At Each Others Threats

chris brown and offset

Chris Brown and Offset are off to the starts, and Offset is seeing that it doesn’t take much to light the short fuse in Chris Brown. Like a baby never accepting no for an answer, Chris let Offset have it when he made Chris know it was not cool to make fun of 21 Savage’s immigration situation.

Rapper, 21 Savage was is taken in custody by ICE, and is currently in detention awaiting the process of deportation. The rapper’s lawyer is working on block that process from happening.

After Offset called Chris Brown lame for joining in on the memes poking fun of 21 Savage immigration status. Chris posted an edited video of 21 Savage’s XXL Freshman Cypher where his vocals where altered by a male voice with a British accent. The R&B singer went in hard insulting Offset and challenging him to a fight after the rapper expressed his displeasure. Chris said:

“Fuck you lil boy. Better worry about what u got going and focus on ‘you,'” Brown wrote. “All this cap on IG is what’s lame. Yo energy wont that when I came to Drake show in LA. If you don’t get yo a hip a hop a hibbet a hibbet to the hip hip hop and ya don’t stop the rockin facea** out of my comments. Sensitive a** n**ga. Call me personally. U want some clout when all u gotta do is pull up. No camera, no flexing and all at!!! If you a real man fight me. Oh and another thing, suck my dick!”

Offset later responded with this:

Check my record and check yours. Only people you go toe to toe with is women. That’s for lame nikkas. Btm, Ima smack the shit out of you when I see you!

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