Chris Rock’s Brother Sends The Word On Will Smith

Tony Rock

Its fair to say that Will Smith is not the idol of Hollywood anymore, but don’t count on Chris Rock’s brother, Tony Rock(47) to leave the A-list star while he is down. It’s been days since Will slapped Chris(57 years old) to the point where he could have killed him, and Tony is still hot with anger. Over the weekend, Tony said a lot onstage during a comedy bit in regards to Will smacking his brother, and went more directly at Will and his wife surprisingly saying:

 You gonna hit my motherf—ing brother because your b—h gave you a side-eye?”

Tony said a lot more, but the fact that he referenced Jada Smith as a b*tch is note worthy. That shows a brother who is ticked off and feeling pain for his brother after he was slapped and embarrassed before the world.

Do you think if Tony was at the Oscars that he would attack Will in honor of his brother ?

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