CNN’s News Anchor Chris Cuomo Threatens To Destroy Guy After Racist Hurl

They say everyone has their limits, and some guy punched the limits on CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Cuomo known to always present a cool demeanor, and being that voice of reason and logic totally lost it on some guy calling him Fredo. If you saw Godfather, the movie…you would know to be called Fredo is the ultimate disrespect. Fredo was seen as a backstabber, a liar and a traitor and was later ordered killed by his brother for his betrayal. Cuomo responded to a guy calling him Fredo by saying:

Punk a** b*tches on the right call me Fredo. My name is Chris Cuomo. I’m an anchor on CNN. Fredo was from the Godfather. He was a weak brother, and they use it as an Italian aspersion.

Cuomo then tells the guy that calling him Fredo is like the N word for Italians. Cuomo then went in hard on the guy saying to him:

Don’t f*cking insult me like that. Why the f*ck you call me Fredo for. It’s like I call you punk b*tch. You like that ? You want that to be your nickname?

The guy responded saying:

I didn’t call you that.


You called me Fredo. You know my name is not f*cking Fredo.

The guy that responded in saying to Cuomo that he thought his name was Fredo. The guy clearly knew what he was doing in driving an insult into Cuomo, but clearly never expected a sharp response from Cuomo. The CNN anchor dared the guy to take a swing at him. The verbal smack was broken up by attendees at the said Long Island bar.