Did Tory Lanez Put Himself In Target Range With This Freestyle About Megan Thee Stallion ?

Tory Lanez

Toronto rapper Tory Lanez didn’t have to say her name, but even an idiot would get that he is referring to Megan  Thee Stallion(Megan) in a freestyle. It was last year that Megan was pulled over by police in an suv she was riding in. Streaks of blood were seen coming from Megan’s foot as she exited the car. Then there came the rumors that Megan was shot in the foot by Tory Lanez reportedly over his insecurities.

The two allegedly were sexing with no commitment, and its said Megan was not being  submissive Lanez’s orders. So, reportedly to keep her in-line, Lanez allegedly shot her in the foot. Megan later on confirmed being shot in the foot by Lanez. Remember, this is all so last year, but Lanez is not letting his big mistake go.

Not only is he incriminating himself but he is bringing additional heat on himself for potential street retaliation. In his freestyle below, Lane makes it clear that he doesn’t fear anyone- and calls out any thugs Megan may have around her.