Djimon Hounsou Displays The Actions Of A Sad Dad Not Being Able To See His Son

Almost forgotten actor Djimon Hounsou didn’t have a good Father’s Day. He didn’t get to spend time with his son who he bread with Kimora Lee Simmons. When ask how was his Father’s Day by a camera man, Hounsou responded in saying:

It would have been nice to see my son for Father’s Day. But, it would have been nice to at least see him to at least talk to him, right.

When asked when was the last time he saw his kid, Hounsou held up five fingers. Hounsou went on to say he cannot even recall the last time he saw his son. There is something going on here that we don’t know about. In a America- a man who is living a honest life, and is employed is being denied to see his son? This all doesn’t make sense. We can see the court system not allowing a father to see his child if that father is deemed dangerous or mentally toxic to the child. We don’t think this is the case for Hounsou, so why not fight for visitation rights to your son. When someone suggested Hounsou to go into a custody battle with the child’s mother, Hounsou says:

Listen, brother: There no custody battle. I am not lawyer’s office am I.

Hounsou smiled and entered his car in disgust when asked if he has a message for his child’s mother. Hounsou’s response is one unheard of in his unwillingness to fight his baby mama in court for a custodial split of their child. We don’t know what is going between Hounsou and the child’s mother. Not being allowed to see his child sounds like a more deeper situation at hand here. But, we can say that a GOOD father desperate or badly having the desire to see his child regularly- but is being blocked by the the mother in doing so would go to court to fight to see that child. Maybe Hounsou may just come up lucky by Russell Simmons putting in a good word for him to Kimora allowing him to see his son.