“Empire” Director Lee Daniels Sets Up Payment Plan To Reimburse Damon Dash And His Baby Mamas $210,000

We are here questioning why Empire director Lee Daniels is setting up payment plans to reimburse Damon Dash his money back. And, the amount owed to Dash is said to be $210,000. Is Lee Daniels not rich? We thought he was rich. All these shows and movies he has been making and he is setting up repayment plans to repay someone $210,000? This kind of money should be pocket change for him. If this is true as being reported- it’s quite the shocker. What is Daniels doing with all his money or maybe he is just not as financially successful as we thought.

We have heard of fake it until you make it, but this is really outside of that boc. Daniels has been working like a dog with hit shows and movies over the years. So, one would easily accept and believe that he is a millionaire many times over. Daniels reportedly was fueled with funds to launch one of his projects by Dash when not one white financier would step up. From XXL Mag:

When nobody in Hollywood was giving me money, after my Academy award, unprecedented with Halle Berry, nobody was giving me money,” he says in the brief clip. “Damon’s crazy ass was crazy enough to give me money for The Woodsman and for Shadowboxer. The investment for Shadowboxer didn’t pay off.

It was understood to the world that it was a personal loan that was given to Daniels after Dash confronted him. Dash boldly confronted Daniels at a concert for his money back. The Settlement agreement with Dash includes the mogul’s baby mamas due to Dash being back up in child support. From PageSix:

Dash’s ex-wife, Rachel Roy, and baby mama Cindy Morales both demanded Daniels pay them instead of the upcoming settlement payments he owed Dash since Dash was allegedly behind on hundreds of thousands in child support.  The women wanted a piece of the settlement money that Daniels had been paying back incrementally to Dash over a secretly resolved dispute in which Dash claimed Daniels cut him out of $2 million in producers credits and profits.

The Butler” director asked a judge to intervene and tell him whom to pay.The parties agreed to a plan for how Daniels will divide the upcoming two payments for June 21 and July 9, according to new papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. Daniels is set to pay $27,500 to Roy, who has two daughters with Dash, and another $27,500 to Morales, who has a son with Dash, according to court records.

What a mess this is. This is the confusion and stress of borrowing money from someone. If you are going to take money from someone, know their life damn well. And, if you can…run your own company on your own without investors. Still, though, Daniels financial situation is shocking to us at this point in his career. We thought the guy was rich, and would be able to cut a check for $210,000 easily. Again, comes down to looks. It can be really deceiving.