Former Scientologist Leah Remini Says Tom Cruise’s Explosive Audio Was A Publicity Stunt

Leah Remini

Well, Leah Remini is clearly not here for Tom Cruise. Remini who used to be of the same faith as Tom that is Scientology over the years revealed much about the inner workings of the religion. Remini believes Tom’s recent leaked explosive audio was a stunt by the actor. The A-list actor shocked the world in an audio, which made its way around the internet.

In the audio- the actor also expressed to the crew members for their lack of care for people who would lose their jobs if a production shut down was to go into effect over a COVID-19 case. Remini who listened to Tom’s outburst says that the actor’s so called outburst was none at all but just a publicity stunt.  She says:

“Tom does not care about the families of his crew; this is all for publicity. Tom does not believe in family values. I mean, how anyone is falling for this is just mind-blowing. I would bet that Tom had this rant written for him and had his Scientology assistant record and release it. Hearing a rich actor with enormous power address his crew in this way is a sign of weakness and a deeply troubled person.”

How does Remini explain though several crew members dropping their gig on Mission Impossible 7 set? The former Scientologist though knows best in Tom’s behavior as she was a member of the Church Of Scientology from the age of 9 to 43 years old. She ended her devotion to the religion in 2013.

Do you believe Tom played us all ?