Gilbert Arenas Suggest Khloe Is Not Tight Enough Nor Good In Bed That’s Why Her Men Cheat On Her

gilbert arenas and khloe kardashian

It’s a case of wow, and ignorance. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas went on social media blaming Khloe Kardashian and her vagina for the reason why her man cheated on her with another woman. Khloe has reportedly been cheated on over and over again by her man, and now she is being blamed for it.

Khloe recently said that her man, Tristan Thompson cheated on her with her sister’s best friend Jordyn Woods, but the talk is filled with rumors that the Kardashian clan are looking for a ratings hike with the fake story to boost their boring reality show ratings.

It’s no secret that Khloe has been cheated on by her man in the past, but if this latest act of Khloe saying her man cheated when he didn ‘t all for greed of public attention, Khloe sure is getting what she didn’t expect. Former NBA player Gilbert Arenas is saying Khloe’s vagina is not tight enough, and that she is not good in bed, so that is why her men cheat on her. Here it’s from Arenas as spotted over at Sandra Rose:

“She needs to worry about her pu**y skills if every ni*** she dated cheated (pu**y trash). You know how horrible your p*say gotta be for a ni*** to f*ck a (22 year old) ?? She only been using her pu**y a few years She ain’t even a professional f*cker yet and he would rather deal with (C-minus vagina) He did t even cheat on you with a (LeBron type of talent #veteran) he went for a Trey young exciting but no playoff experience.”

One Twitter user in reference to Tristan Thompson going with her wrote:

Young Pu**y trash….ain’t no talent learned at that age…I need 30 plus.

Ladies, it’s best not to listen to the stupidity of men like Gilbert Arenas. It’s in the genes of many men to cheat desptie having a good wife or partner at home. Any man telling you he cheated because of your vagina not being good enough for him, and you not being good in bed, he is a liar. Why then would he continue to be with you for years and months? It’s the game built in most men which makes them cheat. It’s always the want for having some new woman in their bed that they never tried before, and then onto the next. Even if Khloe’s vagina is tight, men will still cheat on her. If it’s loose men will still cheat on her.

What Khloe needs to count her hopes on is not tightening her vagina, but rather take her time and care in selecting a man that would give her the best chance of a commitment from that man. Problem is, women like Khloe cannot live without a man. They always need one in their bed with them.