Hollywood Agent Looking At Blowing Up Projects On Negotiating Table With Will Smith’s Production Company After Oscars Slap

Will Smith

The thought is that Will Smith is too powerful in Hollywood to drop from his throne of likeability that lead to influence that led him to be in the A-list crowd of Hollywood, consistently. Well, one Hollywood agent concerned with his own pockets since the Oscars slap fallout is not interested in doing business with Will’s production company. Westbrook, which Will started in 2019 with his wife, Jada as the agent sees it is nothing without Will.

And as far as Will goes- it looks like he will be living like a caveman for sometime hoping for the dust to settle on his ignorant, disrespectful, unreasonable actions in slapping Chris Rock who made a joke in reference to Jada’s shaved head-which affected the socialite. The Hollywood agent staying anonymous said this of doing business with Will’s production company, Westbrook:

“I’m not giving Westbrook any projects. And I may even blow up the ones that I have that are currently in negotiations. What’s Westbrook without Will? Nothing.”

Seemingly disgusted on how Will was treated, the agent said:

“[Smith] got treated like a god, and he’s not,” the agent continued. None of these people are. Will Packer handled [it] wrong, the Academy didn’t do s—, and the speech was horrific to watch. Plus, [Smith] didn’t even apologize to Chris Rock. And then partied all night.”

And of what he thinks Will’s mindset maybe right now in regards to business and his ranking in Hollywood now, the agent did not shy away with his comments, saying:

“I think he’s not setting up many — if any — projects until the fall. And he just cost himself a premium. His brand is permanently tarnished in regards to (four-quadrant films, which appeal to all audiences). This just became his Tom Cruise/Mel Gibson moment, where he’s always going to be a star, but he just went from A+ to A and gave people like Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart and Tom Holland a clearer lane.”

Thoughts? Has Will fallen from your good graces? Will you still be seeing his movies?

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