Is Nicki Minaj Really Dissing Beyonce Here ?

Cowards are everywhere in our world. They hide behind people in spreading rumors. And, some will insult you, but will never provide that direct insult. “Retired rapper” Nicki Minaj is being accused of dissing Beyonce- but Nicki is smart if she is doing so. She didn’t go direct with her diss.

In case too much smoke comes her way from the beyhive, Beyonce’s people and her connection- Nicki has the best cover. “She was never talking about Beyonce.” For anyone thinking that Nicki was insulting Wendy Williams who she has had a long running feud with, Nicki cleared that up real fast in saying:

Nicki Minaj Say So explanation of who she is not dissing

Nicki never scratched Beyonce off the list, and with not doing that-many have assumed the barbie speaking rapper is dissing¬† Beyonce. On American singer Doja Cat’s Say So track, Nicki raps:

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