Kanye West’s Former Bodyguard Says He Is The Most Hardworking But Was The Neediest, Moodiest And Worst Tipper


Someone yet again has come forward saying unpleasant things about Kanye West. This time it’s the rapper’s former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis. Stanulis who was a former New York Police Department officer acknowledges Kanye’s work ethic. The former officer says Kanye was one of the most hard-working people he has been around.

But, Stanulis comments about the rapper being needy, moody in addition to a horrible tipper kind of over-rides that hard-worker compliment. There is nothing worse than a needy person with mood swings. We all know how they can make your day and life a living hell. An inside peak of the challenges in protecting Kanye, the former bodyguard to the rapper revealed his frustration. From Page Six:

We were coming home late from the studio and he was a little intoxicated,” Stanulis claimed, adding West was staying at the Waldorf. “He couldn’t find his room.

West got confused and went to a room where an Italian dignitary was staying, Stanulis claimed, adding that the other guest’s “bodyguards, private security stand up. They didn’t know who [West] was. There was a language barrier. It was like a Mexican standoff.” We’re told by Stanulis’ rep that Waldorf security was called to direct West back to his own suite.

It would be interesting on whether Kanye’s intoxication was at the time he found God or prior.

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