Kevin Hunter Calls Police On his Wife, Wendy Williams

How quickly love disappears for two people who have been husband and wife for 20 plus years. Kevin Hunter(54 years old) called the police on his pending ex-wife, Wendy Williams(47 years old) after she showed up on the day he was moving his stuff out of their New Jersey mansion to move her stuff as well. It’s a case we ordinary pending divorcee people go through that can lead us all to see even more celebrities are just like us despite their riches.

It’s said that Wendy went to the house she once shared with Hunter on the day he was there to move his belongings. Wendy arriving at the house with a moving company and her friend, Ronald Clinton allegedly began hawking up items in the house she felt she had the right to take.

Hunter felt otherwise, and resulted to calling the police and ordered that the moving company Wendy reportedly arrive with leave the premises. Hunter also demanded that Wendy not take what he felt were precious items. Luckily for Wendy who arrived with her friend, Ronald Clinton- a compromise was achieved between Wendy and her soon to be ex-husband. A police report states:

Ms Hunter agreed she would remove personal belongings form the residence to include her clothing, shoes personal paintings and spare bedroom furnishings. Mr and Mrs Hunter mutually agreed on these terms and further agreed that the remaining items were to be undistributed.

Wendy’s friend is being credited with keeping the peace between her and the husband. We guess that police being present may have helped as well. This makes for the second time that Hunter has called the police to his defense. He previously called the police on the media after stating harassment.