Kim Kardashian’s Waist Trained Waist Called Unnatural & Unhealthy By Melissa Rycroft And Others

Melissa Rycroft

It’s clear that we were not the only ones that noticed Kim Kardashian’s trained hour glass figure at the 2019 Met Gala. Sex sells. I think this realization is clear by now, but for one to place their health at risk for fame and to make money is unbelievable.

Kim likes to tell everyone that her body is untouched. That she did nothing to her ass, face and hips. But we know that is all a lie. Kim’s wast-line is unnatural, unhealthy and can lead to her death. Kim’s disgustingly shaved down waist had many believing that Kim removed a removed a bone or two from her ribs.

Kim kardashina met ball 2019

What Kim does to shape her waist is all the work of a waist trainer or some called them corsets. Doctors have long said that wearing corsets especially to shave your waist size down is extremely dangerous. The act of a woman shaping her waist size through corset also works in crushing organs that can result in the fatal death of the individual.

We suspect that with the millions of dollars to her name that allows her the best health care and medical advice that Kim has all this information and chooses to ignore it. 36 years old television personality Melissa Rycroft noticed how abnormal Kim’s waist is, and was not having it. Rycroft had this to say of Kim’s waist:

“I was a mom, looking at a woman who has this unattainable look to her and just said, ‘I don’t want our young girls to look [at the photo] and say, I can be like that,’ when really we can’t. In the photo, she’s wearing a corseted dress. Her waist was the size of her head. Her hips were obviously the normal size of her hips, and it looked like Jessica Rabbit … I’m not saying that as a diss.

I’m clearly not the only person who noticed how abnormally small [her waist] was. She even had to point out a video of everything that was underneath it.”

Rycroft’s comments has been labelled as body-shaming, but if you look at the reality-Rycroft is not shaming anything on Kim’s body that is natural. Rycroft rather is putting shame to Kim for engaging in an unnatural, unhealthy- dangerous path that may see someone die following her. Sadly, instead of seeing completly what Kim is doing in her waistline training is wrong…Wendy Williams questions if Rycroft is jealous of Kim’s figure. Scroll down to the bottom and listen to the t.v. show host below at the 13:34 mark starting her mess:

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