Lil Boosie Says F**k You To God On Latest Rant As Cousin Dies

Lil Boosie

Lil Boosie seem to really not be handling this home confinement situation very well. Despite being rich and having all the luxuries at his home that would make the home isolation due to COVID-19- you would think the process would be a breeze for Boosie. The rapper has not been treated no differently in the amount of troubles that may come for one in life.

But, it clearly doesn’t see it as that. The 37 years old- yes he may look more like 45 years old but Boosie is 37- and he recently went on a rant blaming everyone for the bad that has happened to him in his life. The rapper had a death in the family, and this  time it was his cousin. The rapper went online saying;

“RIP my lil cousin, smh. F–K 2020. f–k everything about it, f–k the world. God, f–k you too!,” followed by middle finger.”

Boosie did stop there, he continued saying:

“You don’t give a F–K about my family. “Death to everybody ain’t down with me.”

Clearly, Boosie forgot about the time he was serving time in prison look at the possibility of a death penalty. He beat that case, and regained his freedom. How quickly the gratitude of God is forgotten.

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