Man Saying He Is Not Gay Not More Is Given Reason For Boxer Adrien Broner Homophobic Comments

adrien Broner and andrew caldwell

Remember Andrew Caldwell, the man that stood before a pastor and church attendees claiming he is not be gay no more stating that he is delivered? Well, Caldwell is said to be Adrien Broner’s frustration. The video above where Caldwell stated that he is not gay no more went viral had many laughing, stunned and amazed.

Now, we are hearing that it’s Caldwell that pissed off Adrien Broner, forcing the boxer to go into a recent rant where he said he will punch or shoot any gay person in the face approaching him. It appears Broner’s comments was a preemptive strike in case anyone makes claims on him being gay.

According to Caldwell who would probably call himself a reformed gay man after claiming he is no longer gay…he states that Broner hit on him. This prompted Broner to respond to Caldwell on Instagram saying

A @andrew_c_caldwell if you don’t get out of inbox before I punch the testosterone yo GAY ASS

Caldwell went on to advising Broner to stop lying to his fans, and warned him of losing endorsements. He went even further in telling Broner not to force his hand to show evidence of Broner moving on him, and threatens to call his lawyer. Caldwell went onto say that Broner tried to sleep with him, and went so far to say the professional boxer wanted to eat his booty out. Broner says it’s the other way around. It was Caldwell that wanted to sleep with him says Broner. The he said, he said situation. Who do you believe ?

If you cannot see the video go HERE