Nicki Minaj Claims Charlamagne Tha God Conspired With Ex-Boyfriend In Getting Her Blackballed

It’s not known where Nicki Minaj is getting her evidence from with her claims stating that Charlamagne Tha God of The Breakfast Club along with her ex tried to get her blackballed. Nicki never showed her receipts of proof on this as far as we know…she is just talking. I once worked with someone who would say things like others want her job, and was trying to hurt her. But, never once did she provide proof showing who was trying to hurt her to get her job. In the end- it was detected that this work colleague was just insecure.

Is Nicki Minaj insecure? It’s not known, but to say a radio personality conspired with her ex-boyfriend to get her blackballed in the music industry. We can hear the laughter in the other room already. The only well known ex-boyfriend we know of that Nicki Minaj could be talking about which she suspect tried to take her down for her own gain is Safaree Samuels. Nicki jumped on her Queen radio show saying:

[Charlamagne] teamed up with an ex of mine who knew he needed to hang on to me to get attention,” she alleges. “He went over there and said many lies about me and I couldn’t say anything at the time because I was with someone, but this ex needed to stay afloat so he told lies on me. There were powerful men in this industry who were getting a check or a pat on the back for it thought, “It’s time to get Nicki out of here.

Charlamagne responded to Nicki’s claims saying:

“Nicki and I have had conversations about this via phone call and via text message. We’ve had these discussions about this ‘hate train,’ it’s not true,” he said during today’s episode of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. “If she wants to believe that and wants her fans to believe that, it’s cool.”

The radio personality continued in saying:

“The moral of the story is I love Nicki Minaj,” he continued. “And the respect she’s telling everybody she deserves, she has already. I have gotten on this radio a million times and said this whole new wave of female rap is because of Nicki Minaj. She is the leader of the new school when it comes to female emcees and nobody can take that away from her.”

Charlamagne went the distance in even saying this:

“Nicki, we love you,” he continued. “And I’mma tell you something, them damn Barbz… The Barbz will never relay the positive energy we be sending Nicki Minaj… So I challenge the Barbz to hit Nicki and say ‘Charlamagne and Envy love you.'”

“when everyone tried to warn me I still gave her the benefit of the doubt. I can’t wait to see how all of this is about to play out because you can’t stop karmas reign, shame on you .. I mostly feel sorry for the #barbs because they have no clue of the deceiver and manipulator their leader is.”