Nicki Minaj Compares Jamaica To Saudi Arabia; Fans Blast Her For Her Lies

Celebrities are known to lie to boost stock of interest for themselves, and Nicki Minaj apparently is no different. The Megatron rapper‘s fans called out the rapper for lying about Jamaican police drawing their guns on her backstage. Nicki said Jamaican police pulled out their guns on her backstage after her performance for cursing onstage. Here is Nicki’s accounts of what happened in Jamaica that had her own fans calling her a liar:

A Twitter watcher who claims to be a witness backstage calls Nicki a liar, saying:


With the mounting heat of backlash from her fans and Jamaicans, Nicki then posted this tweet:

Nicki Minaj’s ignorant actions to favor her own agenda is the problem with the world. Anyone that knows Jamaica knows how free the country is when it comes to human rights. Jamaica is one of the fewest countries in the world displaying high respects to woman professionally. It’s surprising that as a world class traveler that Nicki is displaying such idiocy.

No country of course is perfect, and just like with any other system- there is always room for improvement. But, Jamaica is nothing like Saudi Arabia. Instead of bopping her head around in the studio- if Nicki would educate herself on women equality. She would then see that Jamaica, Colombia, and Saint Lucia are the only three countries in the world where a boss is likely to be a woman. From Washington Post:

No other country in the world holds a candle to Jamaica, where just under 60 percent of all managers are women, according to the ILO. Colombia, the country with the second highest percentage of female bosses, manages 53 percent. In Saint Lucia, which is third among the 106 countries for which the ILO found data, the number is 52.3 percent.

Beyond those three, there is the Philippines, where just under 48 percent of all managers are female, Panama, where just over 47 percent are female, and Belarus, where the number is 46 percent. In the United States, which is number 15 on the list, about 43 percent of all managers are female; In Canada, the 43rd ranked, it’s 36 percent; and in the United Kingdom, the 49th ranked, it’s 34 percent.

In case Nicki needs more simple terms in the form of a scale in the ranking in the world where women have the most power, here…she can check out the rankings below. Notice where Jamaica is ranked. Nicki should close her mouth and think before she talks.

Despite being caught for her reported lies comparing Jamaica to Saudi Arabia- Nicki said this:

Does Nicki’s defense making any sense to you, because it sure doesn’t to us? Onstage performers in Jamaica are not allowed to curse during their performance. There is a jail time or a fine in cases of entertainers doing the act.