Nicki Minaj Displays She Reads The Blogs; Says Rappers Dying For Attention On The Blogs That Her Man Is Receiving

Nicki Minaj claims rappers are so hungry for attention that they are always trying hard for blogs to write about them. The retired rapper’s comments came about as she herself was checking out the blogs, and claims to notice how blogs are always talking about her husband(Kenneth Petty) I don’t know what blogs Nicki is reading, but it certainly is not Tealisted that is constantly writing about her man. It’s not Tealisted that has curiosity in her man.

Nicki’s husband is a sex offender, and is a former prison convict. It’s no secret, and blogs have continued consistently to question why Nicki would select such a man as her life partner. It appears that this is the hate or jealously Nicki is saying people have over her husband. In response to blogs reporting on her husband as she claims, Nicki gave a response as:

My husband be all over the blogs & he don’t even know it. No social media to see y’all talk about him more than y’all talk bout these rappers dats out here doin the most for y’all attention. Chile lemme go suck his d*** cuz I could never comment on a regular man this much.

And went so far to say rapper’s are dying and desperate for attention from the blogs that they will essentially do anything. The barbie doll rapper said:

“Rappers would kill for this attention chile. Lol at night when we go to bed I say “babe u was all over the blogs today”. He be like “oh word?”  he rlly don’t have social media to see y’all write think pieces about him chile. ?? AND AH LIKE IT LIKE IT LIKE THISSSSSSS. JUS LIKE THIS ????????”