Nicki Minaj Still Boiling Over Rick Ross 2017 Diss That She Cannot Be Trusted By Calling Ross A Fat Ass

When Nicki Minaj came out calling Rick Ross a fat ass, and placing his talents as a rapper essentially as garbage- we thought she would have hell to pay. But, no- we got a more tame Rick Ross. Lets go back a bit: Nicki is saying that Rick Ross is essentially a two-face. How it all begun…during a meeting with President Barack Obama during his presidency- Nicki reportedly brought up Meek Mill’s case to Obama.Ross witnessed everything. She requested a look into why Meek Mill was on probation for so many years.

Rick Ross according to Nicki sent a text message to someone saying how real of a woman Nicki is…saying she is a keeper. Nicki says she saw that she saw that very text message from Rick Ross praising her as a good woman. Nicki’s opinion of Rick Ross came up when she was asked in an interview who she thought was a better rapper, Ross or The Game. The can of stink opened up when Nicki said:

When a grown-ass fucking man name-drops a woman and disses a woman to sell an album when I was the only person in your artist’s corner when everyone turned their back on them

Nicki recalls the positive things Ross said about her looking out for her man who was also his artist at the time. Here is what Ross said of Nicki as being a good woman according to Nicki who remembered everything:

This chick is a keeper. She went in a room full of rappers and spoke to Obama and the first thing out of her mouth was about you and figuring out your probation situation and why you’re still on probation after all these years

Ross clearly had a change of heart about Nicki as he rapped a line in Apple Of My Eye– which said:

I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki, Instead of beefin’ with your dog, you just give ’em some distance

Here the caution Ross gave Meek at the 0:34 mark against Nicki:

And that is what got Nicki stirred up, and she is clearly still boiling inside. Shockingly, we thought Ross would respond to Nicki insulting him with some ruthless words of his own, but instead he took the adult route, saying:

I mean, if somebody went to meet Obama with you, she is a keeper until you find out otherwise,” he said. “She was around me a few times. Other than that, she was a huge talent. She was playing a very important position at the time. She was in-between Meek and Drake.

Ross goes in more…listen below:


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