No Kandi And Phaedra Feud If Phaedra Returns TO RHOA

Kandi and Phaedra

Don’t look for a Kandi and Phaedra feud should she return to Real Housewives Of Atlanta(RHOA). Phaedra Park is negotiating her return back to RHOA, and we are guessing that Kandi is pissed off to the limit. Kandi has made it known that she is done with RHOA should Phaedra Parks get signed back onto the reality show. Kandi gets asked at the 5:05 mark below if Phaedra comes back to the show if she is ok with it. The soft talking Kandi doesn’t hesitate as she said she is not okay with it should Phaedra return to RHOA.

Kandi was clear in saying she just would not be apart of RHOA with Phaedra being there. The tension between Phaedra and Kandi comes down to a series of things that all comes back to a man, Phaedra’s ex-husband Apollo Nida. There were things Kandi said which ranged from telling Phaedra to take the kids to visit Apollo in prison.

Phaedra relationship with Apollo was breaking down as he served his time in prison. She also was no on that wave open suggestion in bring her children to a prison to visit their father whom things were going sour with. So, Kandi’s comments suggesting Phaedra to bring the kids to visit their father in prison was an unwanted one.

Then there was tension between the two ladies as Phaedra didn’t feel that Kandi as her friend was not there for her as she was going through a divorce with Apollo. And, lets not forget Phaedra getting upset at Kandi for keeping Apollo’s motorcycles at her house as storage. Seemingly, Phaedra saw this as betrayal, because if attitude could kill- Phaedra would be in court standing trial for murder.

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