Offset Sends Long Range, Flying Punch At Crowd Throwing Liquor On Cardi

Cardi B and Offset out at night club00

Offset may have cheated on his wife previously, but only he can disrespect. You dare to throw liquor on Cardi, and Offset will make you pay. No, he is not scared to go to his home away from home that is jail. Check out the rage below:

Offset is not playing in the name of love when it comes to his woman Cardi B. Someone or a few people thought it was a good idea to spray Cardi with liquor multiple times, and that was enough to send Offset off the rails. The rapper seemed unsure who sprayed his wife with liquor, so he rounded up his punch into one huge width to deck a few people it appeared.

Cardi and her husband were partying at Booby Trap On The River at 3:00am when the liquor dousing on Cardi took place. The consequence of a punch was given by Offset that caught a big gasp in the crowd, and Disk Jockey commenting.

Cardi, never forgetting her former days of a stripper got down shaking her assets for her husband while he threw money on her like a stripper. I wonder if he left the money on the floor for someone else to grab or if he or Cardi picked the money up.