Oscar Executive: Talks Of Arresting Will Smith At Oscars Over Chris Rock Slap Was Discussed

Oscar Executive speaks on Will Smith slap

Serious options were laid out to Chris Rock by a Los Angeles Police officer at the Oscars on whether he would like to press charges against Will Smith. Having Will carried out in handcuffs were also seriously discussed.

Will Packer, the Oscar executive producer apart of the show’s operation this year sat down in an interview providing details as to what potential actions were being suggested to take against Will Smith for slapping Chris. It was Chris Rock Packer said that allowed Will to not be arrested nor charged for assault.

What is confusing about all this is: why does a victim who  has many witnesses even to that of the cops who witnessed an assault on him have to be the one to decide if the aggressor gets arrested or not. I thought the law is to protect and serve, not one to report and get protected.

As the cops see the crime, it should be them to step in right away to implement the law by arresting Will for his actions on Chris. Imagine if every time a woman gets beaten up by a man, and she refuses to press charges. What kind of a world would this be. Cops are there to identify crimes and should arrest the aggressor with common sense. Victims cannot be counted on all the time to do the logical thing.

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