Safaree Samuels Voices His Strong Support Of Wearing Fur Despite Reality Of Animal Abuse

Safaree Samuels spoke with pure ignorance when PeTA objected to him wearing fur in pride. PeTA has long preached for the unethical treatment of animals, and have consistently been working hard on educating the uneducated. The cruelty in getting that fur off animals many look to have for their fashion sense sends the animal rights organization up the wall.

In hopes of getting people to stop wearing fur, more particularly the notable because they are the ones to carry the trends, PeTA hopes to save the lives of many animals who are tortured, and killed in the fur off their skins being ripped off for some consumer with deep pockets. Safaree showed up at a recent protesting New York City where anti fur protester vented their request for a ban on fur sales. Safaree with his ignorance shouted at the anti fur protesters saying:

Leave us alone. Our fur, our rights. Our choice, our right.

Safaree then went off in comparing animal brutality to that of black lives being slashed down by police brutality. So, because black lives are being slashed down by police brutality- no one should fight for other inhumane acts taking place in our world ?

Safaree speaks like a true idiot. The reality t.v. cast mate sees fashion as more important than the lives of animals who are tortured and killed for their furs. Some animals having their furs ripped off while they are alive- but Safaree made it known that he doesn’t care about humane acts towards animals. Here is Safaree tweeting his stupidity.

Safaree pro fur tweet

This is what happens when you don’t further your education, and you are into just materialistic things. People, continue to progress yourselves mentally.