Snoop Dogg Calls Gayle King 70 Years Old Explaining Why He Was Hard On Her

Snoop Dogg is now softening his tone on the whole Gayle King debacle. The rapper posted a video yesterday providing explanation as to why he went hard on Gayle while insulting looks. The 48 years old rapper called Gayle a 70 years old woman. Gayle is 65 years old. It’s not known as to what made Snoop soften his tone.

It almost appears like he is apologizing. Snoop also faced some backlash for his harsh treatment of Gayle. In addition, former Nation Security Adviser, Susan Rice also came to Gayle’s defense. It’s only natural to think that Snoop’s explanation of his comments about Gayle has to do with one or two of those reasons we just listed. Gayle reportedly began receiving death threats after Snoop assumed threat against her.