Some Wish It Was Them Will Smith Dare To Slap

Cedric The Entertainer

The fallout over Will Smith slapping Chris Rock as if the comedian is a working girl has some celebrities wishing it was them Will dare raise a hand to. Fellow comedian Cedric The Entertainer attending an after party event, chimed into the slap on Chris Rock seen and heard all over the world. Cedric jokingly said to the audience in attendance:

I want to let everybody know…if I talk about your wife-don’t try to run up here. I’m smacking back. I do back smacks.

Chris is being widely applaud for not attempting a layout of Will after the A-list actor walked onstage and slapped him over a joke.

Will has since apologized to Chris on Instagram, but provided excuse for his actions saying that his wife’s medical condition sent him into an emotional rage of anger. Shannon Sharpe livid that Will slapped Chris said that if that had been him that Will slapped, this is how it would have gone down:

I would have whoop Will Smith’s ass. I would have whoop….he would have to whoop me or I would¬† have had to whoop him, and every time I seem him its on site.

Many see Jada embarrassing Will with her entanglement with another man(August Alsina) whom she admitted to be with during a break in her marriage to Will. The moment of explanation came on Jada’s Red Table Talk after August let it out that he was with Jada intimately. Will was laughed at by the mass for years as his wife revealed details of her time with the R&B singer. Some are even surprised that Will stayed in the marriage.

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