Stamped Snitch Rapper, Tekashi Calls Snoop Dogg A Snitch As Well After Rap Legend Demands His Music Band

Tekashi and snoop dogg

Stamped and sealed snitch rapper, Tekashi is just weeks out of prison, and he is not playing around with anyone looking to stop his income stream. Snoop Dogg is upset that the media has not punished Tekashi for snitching. Snoop wants an array of efforts permanently in place on Tekashi like a ban in his music stream, and for the spotlight to be taken off of him. The rapper tweeted:

Snoop recognizing Tekashi’s chastising sent this message to the rainbow rapper:

“Last time you said something, I didn’t have time,” Snoop said on IG addressing the Brooklyn rapper-federal informant. “But, today, I got time. You better get the fuck off my line, nigga. Rat boy. You really better leave me alone. I ain’t the one.”

Not forgetting the wacky hairstyle, Snoop finished off his tweet with this:

“You funky, dog head, rainbow hair, dog head bitch.

This maybe a fight Snoop wishes he never got into. Tekashi is now fueling the reports that Snoop cheated on his long suffering wife, and now is calling the legendary rapper a snitch. You might recall that feud Snoop was in with his former label boss Suge Knight,

Suge at the time mentioned that Snoop is a snitch of the system citing the reasons why Snoop never spends any time in prison for his crimes. Tekashi went into the closet of the internet and took out that video of Suge calling Snoop a snitch(below).

Let’s keep in mind that Tekashi can be Snoop’s son. Also, let’s also not forget that Snoop is 48 years old. Amazing that we have yet to evolve in this world.

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