Tekashi69 Says He Snitched Because Disloyalty Was Happening To Him Behind His Back: Does He Get A Pass For Snitching On These Grounds ?


Does one get a pass for snitching if the code was first broken by others ? Tekashi69 listed a host of reasons why he snitched on his former brother in arms as he says they snitched on him first. The rapper in his first Instagram Live quickly went in with his defense on why he snitched to gain his freedom. The reasons were on the bases of being back-stabbed first.

Tekashi saw no reason as to why he should remain loyal to a group of people who have made it clear by their alleged backstabbing that they are for themselves. So, the way in which Tekashi sees it is why should he not look out for himself when others are not there for him.

Being called a snitch is one of the worse things a rapper can be called. Tekashi knows this, but feels that logic should be used as to when to snitch in the way he explains it. So, does Tekashi get a pass for snitching if he has been done wrong first by his former associates ?

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