The Weekend Accuses Usher Of Biting His Style

Usher and The Weekend

This is not good news for Usher who likes to consider himself as the next Michael Jackson. The Weeknd is accusing Usher of ripping off his style in his creation of the Climax track. The Weeknd, aka Abdel Tesfaye didn’t shy away in a recent interview when he said that Usher stole his singing style that landed him a Grammy win. In an interview with Variety, The Weeknd said:

“‘House of Balloons’ literally changed the sound of pop music before my eyes. I heard ‘Climax,’ that Usher song, and was like, ‘Holy f–k, that’s a Weeknd song.”

Despite saying that he was flattered that in Usher biting his style, The Weekend said he was angry at the same time. But, as it always does with many of us- passing time in involvement in life has taught The Weekend imitation is the biggest form of flattery. Here is The Weeknd below performing The Hills

Check out Usher’s song, Climax below and tell us if you hear a copy cat, biting style of The Weeknd’s vocals:

We are guessing Usher is disagreeing in The Weeknd’s assessment. He has to, because he sees himself as the next Michael Jackson. Did Michael Jackson ever steal someone else’s singing style ?

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