Tia Mowry Receives Backlash After She Ask Where Friends Are During Coronavirus


The coronavirus pandemic has shown me, ME the true faces of everyone closely known to me as to who really care about me. I have noticed that with family they are all for themselves. No one checks on what they can do for the others in this time of crisis. This pandemic has shown me that life is pretty much an every man and woman for themselves situation.

Even someone with a car  that would provide a great deal of help to someone else within the family who doesn’t have the same luxury are not there in assistance. For me friends have been there more than family when it comes to offering assistance of help should I need it. For The Real’s Tia Mowry it’s the opposite. Tia received backlash when she said:

During this pandemic you see who your real friends are.

Tia said the truth of every tragic situation that occurs in life. The real friends are separated by the fake friends.  Tia wondered…who is checking on you? Making sure you are okay ? Remember she said when the coronavirus is over.  The way how Twitter observers saw it was not in Tia’s favor. Here are some snips we tore out in reply to Tia’s comments:

One Twitter user made sure to remind Tia that it’s not only the support of friends she should question during the pandemic crisis, but also friends:

As she was bombarded with people questioning her thoughts, Tia quickly washed her comments off Twitter.

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