Wendy And 50 Cent Drop Their Dislike For Each Other

Sometimes we don’t recognize how easy it is to quash tension with people by just apologizing. Sometimes that apology doesn’t even have to come in a direct form to have that hurt person being forgiving. Wendy on her talk show, The Wendy Show recognized 50 Cent’s production in producing a documentary of a man, Isaac Jr Wright. Wright was convicted on drug charges only to have his case over-turned. The wrongly accused Mr Wright studied the rules of law. He found holes in the system’s case with evidence which ultimately set him free.

Wendy’s recognition of 50 Cent producing Wright’s story for ABC was enough for 50 to soften his heart towards Wendy. You might recall Wendy going vial after 50 Cent blocked her from attending one of his parties. It served as an embarrassment for the talk-show host, and a reminder of her loose mouth being a problem.

50 Cent didn’t make it a secret that he disliked Wendy for all the nasty things he claimed she was saying about him. Since the death of Kobe Bryant, the rapper turned producer and actor has said that he will look to more diplomatic ways of solving his differences with people instead of launching verbal insults. Looks like 50 is serious about changing his ways.


50 Cent’s reaction although not completely forgiving, it was a start.