Wendy Williams E.T. Comparison By 50 Cent

Wendy Williams E.T. Comparison side-by-side by rapper 50 Cent

Wendy Williams E.T. comparison by 50 Cent during a time where her life maybe in pieces could just end the Wendy Williams show. It just takes that extra stone at times to send someone over the edge. Rapper turned actor 50 Cent is at war with Wendy Williams and he doesn’t care what mold he is breaking in her. It doesn’t matter that Wendy’s shoulder is hurting her and that is said to be her reason for taking days off her show. It doesn’t matter that her husband is reportedly cheating on her with a woman he is said to have bought a house with. 50 Cent has no mercy for Wendy, and he is going in hard.

The rapper has been insulting the t.v. show host with no let up since her temporary departure from her show while Don Lemon host until she returns. Since insulting 50 Cent seemingly insinuating that he maybe gay- and has commented on his relationship with his son that was enough for 50 Cent to never forget and to be relentless in bringing Wendy down as far as he can through insults and laughter of her own martial problems and her appearance. 50 Cent is pretty in the loop of the rumors circulating on Wendy Williams reportedly having a cheating husband of many years.

50 Cent goes on to say that the World’s famous side chick Wendy Williams. Always in somebody’s s—but she never talk about this. It looks like Wendy found her match in 50 Cent. Wendy has said that she stands by her man, suggesting all is good in marriage land. Wendy Williams comparison to E.T. is sure to have many laughing at the talk-show host who is known for laughing others.

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