Wendy Williams’ Husband Upset She Is Talking About Their Marriage On “Hot Topics”

Wendy Williams and kevin hunter

Men are something, and they will always be something in that they feel they can treat women so ruthlessly without the woman venting. Case in point, Wendy Williams’ marriage. Wendy’s alleged serial cheating husband whom she is now separated from and filed for a divorce from is ticked off that she is discussing their marriage break-down on television.

Wendy’s husband, Kevin Hunter is said to be so worried about what will come out of Wendy’s mouth next about him, their marriage, and his alleged mistress that he is looking at ways to block her from speaking. Good luck we say to that if she is speaking facts, and if there is no contract in place restricting her from speaking on their marriage. Reports are that Wendy promised Hunter that he would not make their marriage a Hot Topic on her talk show. Wait, was it not Hunter whom Wendy claims to have cheated on her after she had given birth.

We could guess that Hunter most likely promised to not cheat on her anymore. Allegedly, he did and got his mistress pregnant. Can he now really say anything to Wendy for speaking. Hunter presents himself as caring about Wendy, so in that case- he should allow her to speak with no objection as Wendy speaking is a therapeutic act for her. This can potentially keep her from relapsing back into a world of drugs.