Antonio Brown’s Trainer Accuses Him Of Raping Her

Troublesome NFL player Antonio Brown is in trouble with his former personal trainer, Britney Taylor(28). Taylor claims that the NFL star raped her at his Florida residence.  The New England Patriots signed Brown(31) just days ago. And, it was also at the same time that  the New York Post said that the Patriots deserved hell for signing Brown. The New York Post wrote:

Shame on the Patriots. They should get what they deserve with Brown, which at the very least is a collective season-long migraine headache, but at the worst a team torn apart by the nonsensical distractions Brown brings with him.

Just days after the Patriots signed Brown to a one year $15 million dollar deal, Taylor says that in June 2018, Brown exposed himself to her and kissed her without her permission during a training session. On the second incident,(yes- there was a second incident)  allegedly in the same month- Taylor claims Brown was behind her masturbating without her knowing and finished on her back. Both incidents occurred at Brown’s two separate homes according to Taylor. The first incident happened at Brown’s Pittsburgh home with the second incident taking place at Brown’s Florida home says Taylor. Adding insult to injury, Taylor says Brown bragged about ejaculating on her back.

Months later, Taylor says Brown begged for forgiveness and begged her to continue being his trainer. She reportedly agreed to work with Brown as his trainer after initially stalling on the idea. Allegedly, on May 20, 2018, Britney Taylor says Antonio Brown raped her. She reportedly claims that Brown pushed her down on the bed, pushed her face into the mattress and forcibly raped her. Taylor says that she screamed during the entire ordeal as Brown raped her repeatedly shouting telling him to stop.

She says Brown refused to stop, and entered her as she stated in her court filing of the incident. Miss Taylor’s claims is sure to make even an inexperience prosecutor question her rape case against Antonio Brown. Why did Taylor go back to Brown’s house after he kissed her without her permission. Let’s even let the first incident slide. But, why after the second incident did she go back to Brown’s house after she claims he ejaculated on her back without her knowing.

What is a person doing so intently that they don’t know someone is behind them masturbating for sometime. Now, the running question is: how did Taylor think it was a forgiving moment to go back to the home and associate with a man that just masturbated on her back?  Now, the reports claim Taylor is saying Brown raped her in May 2018, but she is just now reporting it. Why did it take so long. A woman being raped is a horrific, traumatic experience. Why did she not run to the hospital and report it to police. Why makes now the right time.

These are all questions we think an unskilled prosecutor would ask of Taylor. Imagine how a seasoned prosecutor will dig to the truth. In her court filing against Brown, Taylor is requesting compensation for suffering, humiliation, physical injuries,embarrassment, self-esteem, emotional pain, anxiety and suffering.  Taylor who was hired by Brown as his personal trainer says she is dealing with suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and is having difficulty with sleeping. Brown admits of a consensual relationship with  Britney, but denies the rape allegations.