Chris Brown’s Arrest In Paris, France For Rape Alarming


Chris Brown’s arrest involving a 24 year old woman came after the unknown woman filed rape allegations against the singer. Chris was arrested for aggravated rape and drug violations in Paris, France. According to reports, Chris tossed something in the woman’s drink. There are mixed reports on where Chris met the woman. Some say it was at a night club Chris met the woman, and other reports say it was at a hotel. and brought her back to his five star hotel room where trouble loomed. Chris Brown’s bodyguard was also arrested along with another individual. It’s being reported that the woman accusing Chris Brown of raping her is saying that it happened on January 15th.

Chris reportedly has been in French police custody since Monday while they investigate the complaint made by the alleged victim. French police currently have a total of 3 people in custody at the moment. One being Chris Brown. Chris Brown’s bodyguard and another person. Chris Brown’s arrest once again involving a woman is worrisome. Every woman Chris seems to be around for any lengthy period of time appear to always end badly.

First, you have Chris Brown’s former girlfriend, Rihanna whose face looked like a damage sponge ball. Chris was accused of physically assaulting Rihanna, and plead guilty- which saw him receive 5 years probation. Then you have his other girlfriend Karrueche who reportedly had to take out a restraining order after Chris allegedly threatened her life. Chris Brown’s arrest in France is a serious one. Some celebrities have come out in support of Chris Brown, but they have no idea as yet to what they are supporting. All the evidence have not come out as of yet. It would be wise for the notable faces to stay on the side-lines for this one as not only Chris was taken into custody but also the bodyguard. The woman’s identity is being kept private.