Dennis Rodman Denies Robbing Yoga Spot With Buddies

Dennis Rodman

Yesterday video footage went viral of Dennis Rodman in a celebrity yoga hot spot with 2 females and a man show the trio shoplifting. Rodman seemingly was playing the role of the obstructionist. Talking to the staff and using his tall self appearing to block the bad deeds of his buddies.

Rodman is saying nothing was taken from the Yoga place by the people who were with him, except gifts offered by the store. Despite the suspicious movements in the store of the people around him quickly rounding up the clothing items- Rodman is saying they were all gifts. Rodman claims he asked the store staff at this:

Can we get a couple of gifts for us and stuff like that, and the guy said yes. I said ok, great.

As for the crystal thing that broke, Rodman said the staff in the store asked him if he can and the people with him tried to move it, and he agreed. When Rodman was asked why the store employees didn’t move the item in the store themselves…Rodman said one thing he tries to do is help. He tries to help where he can. As for the $500 in stolen clothing the yoga store claims Rodman and his people stole…Rodman says he bluntly they never stole sh*t. We have to say upon watching the video…it doesn’t look like free gifts were being offered to Rodman and his people.

When it comes to why the store would make such a false claim against him– Rodman says the store needs the publicity. Rodman claims the police have already spoken to him telling him they will not charge him, because “he didn’t do anything.”

If you ask us, Rodman’s answers doesn’t make sense. Tell us, when last have you gone into a store and ask if you can have some gifts. And when were the people with Rodman quickly round up the items, stuffing them into their bags. What!? the store can give them gifts but no bags to place their gifts in?

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