Dennis Rodman Robbery Caught On Video Assisting Comrades Rob Celebrity Yoga Hot Spot

Dennis Rodman

Watching this video can have someone believing times are difficult for former NBA player Dennis Rodman. The former athlete turned diplomat liaison was caught on video in what looks like the assistance to several women and a man robbing a celebrity yoga hot spot. Looks like Rodman’s job was to distract while the people with him do the snatching.

Rodman is seen in video using his almost 7 foot body to block the view of the staff as his comrades swipe up clothing in clear view of the camera and the front desk counter. In video you can see a woman taking a piece of clothing behind Rodman and stuffing it in her over-sized bag.

The video of Rodman and his comrades robbing the yoga spot is a direct insult to real thieves out there. Even with his giant, lanky body- the staff can easily see what is going on behind him. The thieves were in no way discreet in what they were doing.

More than $500 worth of clothing reportedly was stolen. There was an attempt to steal a crystal ball worth $2,500, but the rookie thieves ended up dropping causing it to smash into pieces on the floor. They gave their excuses as all dishonest people do making it look as though they had interest to purchase pricey item. Reportedly, Rodman showed up to the yoga spot with 2 females and a male. Rodman and his crew is said to have stink of liquor. This could be a case of drunk people doing stupid things they believe is funny to them but no so to sober people. The incident was reported to police.

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