Flash Back: Vybz Kartel: “Fever”

Vybz Kartel

Vybz Kartel is still locked up in a Jamaican prison on murder charges where he has been sitting out a sentence expected to end in his 70’s.  Despite being in prison for close to a decade, Kartel is still the vibration on the dance-hall music scene in Jamaica. Kartel’s legal team has been working hard to grant his freedom on what they say are bogus charges that sentenced him to prison based off of a phone they say were tampered with.

The case has been sent to a higher court in England for review. If all goes well, Kartel may see a release date from prison come 2022. In a recent interview, Kartel described the state of his prison cell as being dark, and hot. Very much an environment to break the spirits of most. Not Kartel though…he has written more songs than can be counted on hand to the point where he doesn’t expect all his work to be release on time as he expects.