Incarceration Is Doing Kodak Black Just Fine; Weight Gain And Health Boosting Appearance

Talk about change for the better. Before on he left, and after on the right. They say being incarceration is the worse that can happen to anyone, but it appears that it looks to be the best thing to ever happen to rapper Kodak Black. The rapper seen above in his most recent prison photo looks healthy, and vibrant. Despite being set for life financially- it looks like Kodak Black is now having the right nutrients instilled in his body. It maybe the lighting, but the rapper’s skin appears to have lightened.

A person’s darker son tone is not always their natural skin tone. Skin tones changes with environments. Knowing a person’s true skin tone is comes about from knowing them prior in their life and from prior photos. A person’s skin tone can change to a lighter tone which is their natural skin tone base on a proper eating diet, lots of rest and curbing drugs.

Believe it or not, Kodak Black is 22 years old. Despite his run-ins with law, Kodak has given much of his money to good efforts. In 2018, Kodak donated gifts to 150 kids along with $5,000 to Paradise Childcare in Broward County, Florida. He also donated 10,000 to the Jack and Jill Children’s Centre, and his generosity continues to expand.

Still though, it doesn’t excuse Kodak’s disgusting behavior leading to legal troubles. Kodak is currently serving time in jail for reportedly lying on applications for gun possession. He has been denied bail, and has been ordered by a judge to be locked up until his trial in September. Kodak is facing even more serious charges that is rape in South Carolina. A woman has accused the rapper of raping her. He faces 30 years in those charges if he is found guilty.

Image: Sandra Rose