Judge Scolds Tyrese In Child Support Case; Orders Him To Pay Ex-Wife $10,000 A Month In Child Support


Tyrese lost his mind in a child custody show-down in court when his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson’s attorney questioned him on the 2 millions plus he made in 2018 and then claiming his financial life was in chaos. Tyrese made the mistake in thinking it was his world the justice system was living in. Upon the Fast And Furious actor being asked by Samantha’s lawyer this:

You said that 2013 that your finances were in shambles. According to your tax returns, you made 2.221 million dollars

Tyrese responded with this:

I’m asking you because I don’t do the CFO thing. Here the question to you smart person…

The judge stopped Tyrese in his tracks in making it clear to him where he is while also warning him, saying:

No, hey! that’s enough. You go sit down. We’re taking a break. Lawyers back now. If you do it again…I’m gonna hold you in contempt! You don’t ask any questions. That’s not how this works!

Check out Tyrese below getting bold in court…and then being schooled by the judge:


The judge made sure to make it clear to Tyrese that the judgement of $10,600 passed on him to pay in child support monthly was not as a result of his actions, saying:

This is not a punishment for you. Put that money where it belongs, in the child!

Do you agree in the judge’s words there?

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