Jussie Smollett Still Defiant That He Was Attacked

Jussie Smollett is still saying two mask wearing Trump supporters attacked him last year. The former actor arrived in a Chicago court room just days ago where he faced 6 felony charges for lying to cops. He can face up three years in prison with fines added onto that.

The washed up actor was facing 16 charges last year, but with the reported help of people higher up with influence, Smollett’s 16 charges were cleaned away. He ended up forfeiting $10,000 and doing some community work in secrecy. And, boom…he was a free man then. When asked about his faith in the justice system by a TMZ photographer…Smollett said it’s basic, fight or die.

Authorities have yet to find any evidence that Smollett was attacked outside as he claims. Evidence discovered countered Smollett’s claim, which Chicago police says displayed Smollett made up the story of being attacked. Still confident though, Smollett told a TMZ photographer that he doesn’t claim to be innocent, he is innocent.

Asked on which is the better defense, double jeopardy or the truth- Smollett with a come on look on his face said the truth is the best defense. Ironically, Smollett’s lawyer says she is going to fight for the double jeopardy defense for her client. Sounds like she doesn’t have trust in her client’s story that he was attacked.

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