Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Her Alleged Bed Buddy Shot Her

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion went against the grain in doing the no, no, of the rap music industry. In what some may call snitching….Megan called out who the person was that shot in her foot. Megan, clearly an evolved woman looking out for her safety over an unwritten rule that will never protect her called out a crime that may have one rapper charged. Speculations ran wild of Megan being shot in the foot by Tory Lanez over a domestic dispute.

Megan is now confirming to those reports of that she indeed was shot by her alleged sex buddy, Tory Lanez. Megan appeared to have been under pressure to show that she was  shot in the foot after many began calling her another Jussie Smollett. Reports first coming out by police said that Megan’s injuries to her foot was due to broken glass. It’s not typical for police to confuse a glass wound to the foot over a gun shot wound. Megan said contrary to police report upon doctors observing her wound explaining to her that that found bullet fragments in her foot.

Megan has been defiant in saying that she was shot. Stating that this is not something she would make up. The rapper shot up an image to the internet(below) of the gruesome damage to her foot. Celebrities often say blogs don’t matter, but yet they run to us with their news. They run to our insignificant platforms to clean themselves of crimes, dramas, and to boost their profiles(Megan’s alleged gun shot wounded foot below).

The original story between Megan and Tory goes that the two had a direct argument with each other. Megan allegedly walked out of the van when the argument got heated, and then allegedly was shot by Tory as a way of her reportedly disrespecting him. That was the story. Megan says things did not go down like that. She says, yes- everyone was arguing in the van. She herself was tired of arguing, Left the van, and that was when she was shot.

She had no idea who shot her until after. Megan despite Tory shooting her says she tried to save him from being arrested for the crime. The raptress says she is only talking now because of Tory’s loud mouth of lies essentially making a bad name of her.  Now, the question is: Will police now charge Tory for shooting Megan upon her pointing him out ?

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