Megyn Kelly On Johnny Depp Trial Win Over Amber Heard: “It’s Not A Split Verdict, And Any Journalist Or Press Organization Saying So Is Lying”

Megyn Kelly

Johnny Depp wiped the floor with his ex-wife Amber Heard in his defamation trial. Heard for years had it lingering in the air through the media that he was an abusive husband. An article she wrote calling herself as a survivor of an abusive relationship ignited the damage to Depp’s career. Depp kept quiet for years on the drama of his marriage with Heard, but the actress calling him an abusive husband in an article was the line she crossed.

Depp who saw it as him having nothing to lose since the damage Heard already had done to his life and career by her comments did not care to hide his bedroom laundry to the world in his defamation trial against the actress. The decision paid off for Depp as Heard unraveled on the court stand allowing many to see her for who she really is.

The desperate find for a tear as she seemingly tried to convinced the jury and the world with a shaky voice did not sway anyone. The telling of how Depp was abusive to her did not add up. Convincing evidence was not present, and police officers also could not provide any evidence to support Heard’s claims of physical abuse against Depp. Some gossip blogs like TMZ would have you believe that Heard got a win against Depp in the defamation trial, but this is just not true. It was TMZ’s headline wrote:

Former news anchor Megyn Kelly commenting on the trial results said this:

Johnny Depp WINS DEFAMTION LAWSUIT, Amber wins countersuit.

That headline is misleading. It leads one to believe that Amber got a win over Depp. That is not the case. Heard’s defamation countersuit win was a win against Depp’s former lawyer for comments made by the attorney saying Heard and her friends trashed up an apartment in an attempt to convince authorities something bad went down against her by Depp. The jury clearly deemed that was a lie which defamed the actress. However, Heard’s direct fight with Depp in the defamation case was a clear loss for Heard, and not a win for heard and Depp but rather a trashing win for Depp. Former Fox News journalist Megan Kelly with her take trial’s verdict said this:

It’s not a split verdict, and any journalist or press organization that spins it that way is lying.

Kelly could not have been anymore clear there. She added to her reasoning as to why she believes Heard lost in the defamation trial against Depp, saying:

They caught her in so many lies that they just determined there wasn’t enough proof to support her claims- and that it was more likely than not she lied. While the jury gave her one victory on one of her…she had three statement she claimed was defamatory against her that she was suing over. Awarding her two million and he got 15 against her. Don’t make any mistake about it. She lost. This was a complete grout by Johnny Depp.

She continues:

She basically spent the last several years trying to ruin Johnny Depp. Totally victory for him.

And, that is part of the reason many could not connect with Heard. The apparent relentless actions she took in going after Depp. Take a listen below:

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