R Kelly Arrested Again On Criminal Charges

R Kelly’s arrest once again for reportedly having sex and engaging in sex acts with underage girls sees the rnb singer sitting in jail again. Kelly was arrested on Thursday in Chicago by Federal and homeland authorities for sex trafficking, child pornography, and having sex with underage girls. Kelly has consistently said that he is innocent of all the charges against him since day one, but reported mounting evidence says otherwise. From CNN:

In the Illinois indictment, Kelly is charged with one count of conspiracy to receive child pornography, two counts of receiving child pornography, four counts of producing child pornography, five counts of enticement of a minor to engage in criminal sexual activity, and one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice.
A separate five-count indictment in the Eastern District of New York accused Kelly of sexual exploitation of a child, kidnapping, forced labor and violations of the Mann Act involving the coercion and transportation of women and girls in interstate commerce to engage in illegal sexual activity from 1999 to the present.
R. Kelly’s Enterprise was not only engaged in music; as alleged, for two decades the enterprise at the direction of R. Kelly preyed upon young women and teenagers whose dreams of meeting a superstar, soon turned into a nightmare of rape, child pornography and forced labor. The musician turned predator allegedly used his stardom to coax some victims into nefarious sex acts while certain members of his enterprise calculatingly facilitated the aberrant conduct,” Homeland Security Special Agent-in-Charge Angel Melendez said in a statement.

Kelly is in even more hot water after the people who worked for him, which included past and present employees turned on him. Kelly’s inner circle allegedly pointed authorities in the right direction where Kelly kept his selection of sex tapes with underage girls. It hurts Kelly even more after witnesses have come out saying the females in the video engaging in sexual acts are indeed minors.

Reportedly, a federal investigation has found that 20 videos of Kelly engaging in sexual acts underage girls. Prosecutors allege Kelly tried hard to keep his sex tapes with girls hidden by paying thousands of dollars to prevent them from seeing the day of light. The news of Kelly with underage girls is no surprise…the news has been bubbling for decades. Kelly was shunned by the music industry and his fans when news circulated years prior of him having sex with underage girls. The discuss didn’t stop there. It was reported that not only was Kelly having sex with underage girls- he was urinating and defecating on the girls. Kelly has denied all this. Dave Chappelle once poked fun of Kelly’s acts with underage girls, which hurt Kelly’s career even more.

Chappelle said that Kelly sent thugs to intimidate him after his Piss on You video making fun of his reported sexual fantasies with girls. Kelly is facing 13 federal charges. Kelly already has an additional 10 charges of sexual abuse placed against him for other sexual crimes. The once respected rnb singer is looking at decades to life behind bars if found guilty of the charges against him. He is currently in jail where prosecutors would like him to remain until trial on the recent charges against him.