R Kelly’s Legal Team Tells Judge He Cannot Read; Judge Throws Out Winning Lawsuit For Alleged Rape Victim

R Kelly doesn’t know how to read, but if you ask us he sure knows how to manipulate. Kelly lost a judgement filed against him by Heather Williams after he failed to show up to court. Williams claimed Kelly sexually abused her when she was 16 years old. Williams was awarded a judgement when Kelly failed to show up to court to answer to the lawsuit. Reportedly Williams was suing for $50,000.

Kelly claimed through his lawyers that he cannot read. Now, it’s no secret that Kelly doesn’t know how to read, but he sure has common sense. Even children know to give whatever paper with written words on it that they don’t understand to someone that can relay the information to them.

How come Kelly as an adult and a notable person with assistance and lawyers on call doesn’t know how to pass letters over to his handlers or lawyers to explain the purpose of sent letters to him. Shockingly, a judge was fooled by Kelly in believing he had no one he could have turned to in explaining the served judgement against him. The judge ordered the judgement dismissed. Kelly’s legal team says the the R&B singer was in jail when he was served with the legal documents with detailed information of the lawsuit against Kelly.

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