Tasha K Taunting Cardi B?

Tasha K in front of African Bank

Cardi B is not playing with YouTube Vlogger Tash K. But, in a recent photo launched by the YouTube vlogger it looks like Tasha is playing Cardi in a game of “you can’t get my money.”  Cardi’s been trying to get those millions awarded to her in court after Tasha was found guilty for defamation.

Tasha for her part has been doing appeals that has delay any payouts to Cardi, and reportedly has been moving from state to state, and now to another country all to reportedly make sure no monies leave her bank account to Cardi. She currently now is in Africa and has presented the belief that she will be living there permanently.

Cardi however is not taking her foot off of Tasha’s neck. She is focused through her lawyers to make Tasha feel it through her bank accounts for her trashy, false, defamatory stories said about the rapper’s life. Tasha was found guilty and handed a tough judgement to pay Cardi almost $4 million for her lies about the rapper’s life.

Fighting for the judgement, which would line her pocket nicely…Cardi is going hard to get her millions. But, Tasha seemingly is presenting the rapper indirectly as a beggar- saying:

“Welp, #YouTube video up in 5 minutes. Since your fav keeps BEGGING for these little coins, ask her how she wants the 4 million? In Guinea Francs or Ugandan Shillings?”

That written message right there is enough to motivate Cardi to keep going hard at the YouTube content creator’s bank accounts and assets. Talk about poking the bear. OMG! Will Tasha ever learn to keep her mouth?

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