Tekashi 6ix9ine Is Free From Prison Now

Tekashi 6ix9ine freedom from the locks and bolts of prison is now a reality. In our previous post, we told you that the rapper’s legal team expressed to the federal government that Tekashi’s asthma condition placed him at high risk in contracting the corona-virus.

The rapper’s legal team requested that he be released from prison, and a judge and the federal government granted the request on compassionate grounds. As we posted news of the decision, we hear that Tekashi had already made his way out of prison through the back. The rapper’s covert get-out-of prison was done to avoid any media attention. Time will only tell if Tekashi is compassionate for his actions in becoming a changed man. From Vulture:

Prosecutors asked Engelmayer not to post his decision until 4 p.m. today, however, saying that a delay “will allow law enforcement agents to ensure that Mr. Hernandez is transported safely and securely from the facility where he is currently housed to a residential address previously approved by the Probation Department,” court filings reveal.

Tekashi will need 24/7 armed security protection. The rapper’s life is in immediate danger after ratting out crimes committed by his gang associates. Hefty prison sentences were handed down based on Tekashi’s testimony. All to lessen his prison time.

Now, time will tell what the rapper does next in which direction his music career goes. He is considered a snitch in the rap industry. A big no, no and leaves one to wonder how well can Tekashi’s music career be. Clearly someone believes in Tekashi though. He signed a $10 million dollar contract to make new music after he bumps his prison sentence.