Chloe X Halle: A Serious Duo To Watch Out For

Chloe X Halle

If you haven’t taken the time to check out Beyonce’s proteges, Chloe X Halle– they are worth the time. The 21 and 20 year old sisters  were discovered off of YouTube by Beyonce. The two sisters caught Beyonce’s attention for their take on Pretty Hurts.

Impressed with their talent, Beyonce signed the sisters to her Parkwood Entertainment label. Chloe X Halle has not blown up the music scene enough to make any noise, but they have been circulating of late more and more to the right spots in gaining our attention.

This year’s BET Awards took a different route. With the COVID-19 pandemic- there is every reason to take precaution. So, that means no audience members present as they usually are. The performances were done from arranged sets minus a massive surrounding of fans, fellow artist and and audience. It was not as bad as we thought it would have turned out.