Fans Rail Into Usher For His Performance Outfit At iHeart Music Awards


First, can I just say there is some thing about an artist performing in his shorts which just doesn’t jive right with me. It just seems so tacky. Can he not find a better get-up like a nice jeans or stylish pants to match his ensemble. Speaking of ensemble, it was a sad look for many fans that Usher felt that he needed to do a shock and awe get-up outfit for attention.

Many felt that Usher is just too big to result to a hideous outfit more fitting to that for a female. What he was thinking is the question many had for the singer all over social media. Usher began trending today on Twitter for the wrong reasons.

Fans with no let up knocked into his feminine wardrobe. See the some of the reactions below taking jabs at Usher for his crazy wardrobe:

Usher Wardrobe comments

Check out a flash back performance of Usher in a better get-up for iHeart:

Thoughts ?